An OCT Scan is similar to an MRI or CAT scan, but it’s specifically for eyes. OCT technology can image the retina in 3D allowing us to see, sometimes for the first time, problems within your eye that could not be easily seen before.


The Benefits:

Allows us to see beneath the surface of your retina and to view structures and sections that would otherwise be invisible.

Retinal detachment

OCT scanning can detect a number of key eye conditions earlier than previously possible, such as glaucoma, age related macular degeneration ( AMD) and diabetic changes.

This procedure includes retinal photography.

We can also capture images of the anterior (front) part of the eye, thus enabling us to more accurately refer for conditions such as glaucoma.

Please note that due to it’s size the OCT is located in our upstairs screening room, however an examination conducted in our downstairs testing room will include retinal photography (and digital slit lamp imaging if it is required).