Edwards Opticians invites you to attend our eye examination. In addition to your ability to read we assess the health of your eyes and identify issues that may require medical attention.

Early treatment can prevent your sight from further deterioration if eye conditions have been identified.

At Edwards Opticians we strive to provide the highest standard of eye care available. We take our time; our appointments are booked at 35 minute intervals and the optometrist does all of the examination (There is no being passed from pillar to post pre-screening). We have full wheelchair access and a ground floor testing room is available upon request.

If Spectacles are required we will help you select a frame (If you have difficulty in seeing what you look like we have an electronic mirror to help.) and advise on the most appropriate lens options to suit your requirements.

We can also supply: Sports eyewear for children, Sports eyewear for adults and Safety eyewear.